City Planning and Economic Growth

City Planning and Economic Growth 

1) Identify and preserve Palm Springs’ most important buildings.

The City Council should assume a more proactive leadership role, creating a taskforce charged with:

  • Developing a list of buildings worthy of Class A historic designation.
  • Effectively communicating to developers the incentives that are available to them if they undertake historic site restorations.
  • Working to make historic restorations and adaptive reuse projects more economically viable.
  • Seeking developers with experience working with historic buildings.
  • Developing effective deterrents to prevent buildings being abandoned and falling into disrepair.

2) Improve the process and communication regarding major development projects.

Require developers to provide 3D models of proposed projects.

  • Models will allow the public, appointed board and commission members, and elected officials to better understand how the development will look and fit in to the proposed location.  

Develop clear criteria of the type and character of proposed changes that require being brought back to committees and/or commissions for approval.

  • Amended projects need to go back to city council for final discussion and approval.

3) Review economic incentive program.

Evaluate who the target recipients of economic incentive program grants should be in order to determine how to best spend taxpayer money.

  • Discontinue rebate program of 75% of T.O.T. for future new hotels.
  • Redirect our resources to supporting small business, especially retail, to create jobs, diversify the economic base, and generate additional revenue to the city through sales tax.

4) Streamline and Expedite Planning/Permitting Process.

Fully staff our planning department.

  • Add additional staff in planning department to better manage demand.
  • Assign one staff person to be the contact person for each applicant.

Provide incentives for certain projects.

  • Reduce fees and expedite permits for water and energy efficient projects.
  • Set criteria for defining the “public benefit” in new housing development projects; include and prioritize affordable housing.

5) Diversify our economy

Palm Springs should continue to work to diversify our economy.  

  • Make our city a model desert city for sustainability and attract green energy jobs.  
  • Work to attract more tech companies and start-ups.