1. Work to raise the minimum wage over a number of years at the federal, state or regional level so that people who work in Palm Springs can afford to live in Palm Springs

  •  Workers in professions, including hospitality, where tipping is a major source of income should be guaranteed to make the minimum wage after tips

2. Require prevailing wage be paid on city funded projects

  • Require greater than minimum wage be paid by businesses and other entities that receive

significant taxpayer funding through economic incentive grants or rebate of T.O.T.

3. Aggressively pursue public and private funding for affordable housing

  • Make affordable housing the priority in meeting the “public benefit” requirement that is already

included in all new housing developments

4. Adopt the “housing first approach” that has been proven to drastically reduce homelessness

  • Work on obtaining resources as part a long term plan – in partnership with other cities in the

Valley – that includes coordination between mental health services, job training and placement,

and housing resources

5. Require a minimum of 60 days notice for rent increases that:

  • Are sufficiently larger than the cost of living increase
  • Increase costs for seniors, people with disabilities and people with catastrophic illnesses

6. Create a rapid re-housing program and obtain space to prevent people from becoming chronically homeless

7. Ensure that our existing shelter is open during the day

  • Cooling centers are provided and open during the summer
  • Provide access to showers and bathrooms

8. Address the small percentage of homeless people who commit crimes through the criminal justice system, but do not criminalize individuals for being homeless

9. Change how the city funds social service agencies:

  • Establish a grant program with clear criteria
  • Include a line item for social service agency grants in the annual budget
  • Ensure city funding is not duplicative and is going where it is most needed

10. Improve mental health services.

  • Seek private foundation support for mental health and addiction treatment services
  • Work to secure our fair share of federal, state and county money