Sustainability and Conservation

1. Require new construction to:

  • Pre-wire for installation of an electric car charging plug
  • Pre-wire for solar power
  • Install plumbing for use of gray water

Reduce fees and expedite permits for water and energy efficient renovations.

2. Require that new parking lots provide electric car charging stations and bicycle racks.

3. Add additional Protected Bike Lanes throughout the city

  • One major north/south and one major east/west route

4. Move forward with the CV-Link

  • Before construction begins, determine a funding mechanism and secure commitments to provide for annual maintenance and security costs
  • Review the routes to minimize privacy, safety and health concerns

5. Continue and expand our conservation efforts

  • Lobby for our fair share of water to ensure our tourist industry isn’t treated differently than the Central Valley’s agricultural industry
  • Lobby to ensure that our part-time and tourist population is included in and factored into the water restriction calculations

6. Help businesses add solar through reduced costs that come with group purchasing and low cost financing